NEWRA Presents Good Neighbor Award

By Phil Orlandella

The most recent North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) Good Neighbor Award was presented to North End Timothy Wenrich, Sexton of the Old North Church.

NEWRA member and Good Neighbor Award Coordinator Janet Gilardi presented the award to Timothy inside the church.

The special award is presented to a resident, business or North End organization for helping to keep the community clear of litter in front of their place business or their home.

“I feel it’s everyone’s life duty to be a good neighbor and I’m honored to be recognized for it,” Timothy said. “I’m blessed to live in this community and I couldn’t have asked for better neighbors,” he added.

“Timothy really cares and loves the North End and his actions in helping to keep the neighborhood clean and beautiful speak for themselves,” Janet noted.

Janet Giliardi and Timothy Wenr

Janet Giliardi and Timothy Wenr

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