NEAA Award Night for Minors,Juniors & Majors @ All-Star Game

By Ralph Martinetti

The North End Athletic Association (NEAA) will give out awards to all of the players in their Minor & Junior Leagues on Friday Night June 24th at 6:00 pm at Langone Field prior to the start of the Annual All-Star Game, this year being held in honor of Phil Orlandella and Michael Giannasoli.  Pizza, soft drinks and snacks will be available for all the players at that time as well.  The First Pitch Ceremonies for the All-Star Game will begin at 6:45 pm, with the game starting at 7:00 pm.

After the All-Star Game, approximately at 9:15 pm, MVP and Defensive Player of the All-Star game will be given out.  Also after the game, the NEAA will give out all the awards for the Major League Players including MVP of the League, Sportsman of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Pitcher of the Year and the Carangelo Award winners for each team.

This year’s All-Star Teams are:

Phil Orlandella All Stars


Sal D’Angelis             Tigers

Sean Leetch              Tigers

Jordany Posada        Tigers

Joseph Broderick       Tigers

Carlo Crocini              Tigers

Ryan Maziarka           Tigers

Eamon Vraibel      Cardinals

Liam Finn             Cardinals

Steven Griffin       Cardinals

Nico LaColla         Cardinals

Colm Vraibel        Cardinals

Joseph Everett     Cardinals

Jesse Sablone     Cardinals


 Michael ‘Fud’ Gianaoli

All Stars


Steven Fabiano       Indians

Sony Blazo              Indians

Samuel Griffin         Indians

Vinnie O’Byrne         Indians

Alphie Detemple      Indians

Jacob Stein             Indians

Michael Anderson      Cubs

Peter Shea                Cubs

John Paul Giorgio      Cubs

Niklas McHugh           Cubs

Will Santoro               Cubs

Richard Bova             Cubs

Jackson LeBlanc        Cubs

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