Six Elected NEWNC Members Up to the Task

Six North End residents have been selected to serve two-year terms on the North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) a nonprofit organization that acts as an advisory board to City Hall.

Three incumbents and three new board members won seats on the Counsel. They will join five other members that have one-year left on their terms.

The mission of NEWNC is to represent the neighborhood relating to developments, new and transfer of liquor licenses, occupancy changes, structural additions, public safety, hours of business operations, parking, traffic flow and many other issues that directly or indirectly affect the quality of life in the small but densely populated area.

NEWNC members need to be open-minded on each and every request that appears before them.

They should concentrate on the subject matter and avoid a popularity contest. Who supports or opposes a request is not the issue and never should be.

The future of the community, it’s a lifestyle, and its preservation is extremely important. NEWNC has the opportunity to protect the neighborhood from all the development and should act accordingly.

No one said it was going to be easy but the Review believes that the Counsel is up to the task.

Congratulations to the elected members of 2016.

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