By Phil Orlandella

Just the facts need to be discussed

Having written on this subject several times in the past, it has once again become a subject that needs to be repeated.

Allowing people to speak on proposals presented to the two North End/Waterfront Advisory Groups, who express how wonderful applicants are, good neighbors and supportive of some community agencies has nothing to do with proposals before them.

Being a nice family, neighbor or person is not the issue that should be discussed, only the proposal and its negative or positive effects on abutters and the community is in order.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t always occur at these community meetings because those managing the meetings allow it to occur.

Anyone allowed to express their opinion one way or the other should be advised that the discussion is on the proposal, not how wonderful the applicant (s) are.

Most as of the time these requests become a popularity contest with no real attention to the subject at hand.

How can these groups justify their commitment to the neighborhood when popularity is the main ingredient the of votes are based on?

NEWRA and NEWRA leadership should have the guts to stop this stupid policy and stick to the facts.

They don’t and it will never change.

Pool rules are made everyone’s safety and enjoyment

Having a major public pool in the North End is a blessing for residents but rules and regulations are the keys to having a successful and fun filled summer season.

The pool is a great place to cool off, sunbathed, swim, join with friends, meet new friends, and to catch up with the rumor mill or maybe start one of your own.

Staff at the pool work hard to provide a safe, clean and healthy facility for the enjoyment of every pool goer.

Managing a major pool is no easy task but each and every year things go flawlessly due to efforts of the staff and the cooperation by those using the pool.

If everyone chips-in, things will go smoothly and it will be a fun filled and enjoyable summer at the local pool.

Police body camera trial period could answer all the questions

Although he is not sold on the idea, Boston Police Commissioner William Evans announced plans for a trial program that will test body cameras on about 100 officers this summer using volunteer officers that choose to take part in the program.

While proponents feel the plan should be implemented permanently, opponents do not feel it should be put in place and all.

Those on both sides of the fence have expressed their pros and cons of body camera used by police officers, however, Commissioner Evans’ decision to try it out may answer all the questions surrounding the issue once and for all or it’s back to the drawing boards.

North End clean-up/Shines

Hosted by the City of Boston Parks and Recreation Department and coordinated by Maria Lanza (North End) of the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhood Services, the annual Boston Shines Day in the neighborhood was a clean sweep.

Local residents, students and parents from the Eliot School turned out in force (over 100) to remove debris from playgrounds, parks, streets and sidewalks.

Volunteer of all ages participated in the major cleanup project that was well organized by Maria Lanza.

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