Marijuana Legalization Question on November Ballot

While November is still a long way from now, it’s plenty of time for voters to contemplate on a proposed ballot question relating to the legalization of marijuana for those 21 and older.

The proposed question calls for licensing, regulation, production, taxes and distribution in a manner similar to alcohol.

Marijuana advocacy groups believe it’s natural and it’s very helpful for a lot of people who need it and will be very stimulating for the economy. They also believe marijuana use is a lot safer than alcohol.

The Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol feel the measure would take commerce out of the hands of criminals by allowing legal distribution of pot.

Supporters highlight the positive health aspects of the potential legalization of marijuana.

There is, of course, those who are in opposition of legalizing pot and have clearly voiced their opinions on the subject.

If the question is still on the November ballot or not, the general public needs to prepare to examine the pros and cons of this measure before it goes up in smoke or becomes law.

Legalizing the sale and usage of pot, even under strict conditions, is something that all Massachusetts residents need to be comfortable with.

This article is not a suggestion of which way to vote. It is however, an informational message that the issue is for real and should be paid attention to.

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