By Phil Orlandella

Taste of the North End benefits many neighborhood programs

Many of the neighborhood’s best restaurants will get together at the 23rd annual Taste of the North End scheduled for Friday, April 29 at the Steriti Memorial Rink on Commercial Street to celebrate culture and to give back to local organizations providing health care and other social services.

Over the years this special event has grown to become a popular tradition that attracts hundreds of participants to feast on samplings of famous North End cuisine donated by many local eateries.

The three-hour event helps support many local organizations that help make a difference to the community in numerous ways.

Participants will enjoy fabulous Italian food and help the local agencies provide many needed services to the North End community.

BCC provides many activities for the community

Having a mission to connect people and enrich lives, Boston Community Collaborative (BCC) has gone above its goals and provided many events and activities to the North End community over the years.

Incorporated in 2013, BCC has offered courses in drama, dance, fitness and engineering for kids during the St. John School after school program that attracts many participants.

BCC also hosts a number of neighborhood events like: Movie Night in the Gassy during the summer, an annual Halloween Party for adults and a springtime Egg Hunt at Christopher Columbus Park.

In addition, BCC holds a movers and shakers class for babies at the West End Community Center.

Apparently, BCC has some new exciting ventures and expansions planned for the near future.

BCC should be recognized for the outstanding activities they provide to the community.

NEAA Baseball Opening Day

Another full schedule of the North End Athletic Association (NEAA) baseball programs all began on Saturday, April 30 at Langone Field on Commercial Street with a full slate of games throughout the day beginning at 10am.

All the Little League (Majors and Minor League) teams will officially open the regular season schedule on opening day.

Many other activities will also take place during the course of the day.

It would be great to see the stands full of spectators to watch these kids play baseball and showcase their talents.

Play Ball!

Street performers permitting a good idea

An ordinance requiring street performers to filed for permits to operate on public property should be passed for several reasons, public access and public safety.

This proposal is not anti-street performers but a way to have reasonable regulations to ensure access to public areas and public safety for the general public.

It also helps street performers from getting bullied by larger groups and residents from being solicited.

Complaints have been registered from both street performers and residents who felt harassed and threatened from some of the other performers that utilize public’s space, including Faneuil Hall.

Some rules and regulations have to be adopted dealing with noise, pedestrian access, spacing and solicitation.

The ordinance filed by Boston Counselor Sal LaMattina and Bill Linehan warrants support.

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