NEWNC Supports 3 Agenda Requests

by Phil Orlandella

Two occupancy changes and a transfer of an existing North End CV-7 Day malt and wine with cordials license were supported by the North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) at their May monthly meeting held in the Nazzaro Community Center. All the votes were unanimous 9-0.

Tuyet Tran is seeking zone relief to change the legal occupancy of space at 10-12 Fleet Street from retail space to a nail salon, Bellissimo Nails + Spa. Plans call for a venting system to the roof and replacement of the awning. Hours of operation: 7 days a week, 10am to 8pm.

Christopher Young is seeking zoning relief to add an addition to the rear of the building at 3 Stillman Place and to change the occupancy from three to four apartments, all rentals. Young and his attorney William Ferullo have consistently worked with abutters for their input.

Nicholas Fiorillo is seeking a transfer of an existing CV-7 Day malt and wine with cordials license from Urban Cantina/North End Oyster, 74-76 Salem Street to N.E.O. North End Oyster, at the same location. Closing hour of 12am will remain the same.

Once again a request by Bharat Mirchandini to change the legal occupancy 2 Snelling Place was deferred to May or June. The current plan calls for the owner to change from a three family dwelling to a two family residential dwelling. The petitioner plans to extend the first floor living space into the basement and erect a one-story addition to the existing property.

While guest speaker Boston Transportation Department Commissioner Gina Fiandaca gave a decent presentation of ongoing projects pilot programs and down the road city plans, she was inundated with numerous community issues that residents claim are ongoing that require immediate attention.

NEWNC member Jorge Mendoza led the questioning with issues that seem to never get taken care of that always receive the same answer… “We’ll look into it.” He noted that the “City of Boston should have notified residents of the Zipcar pilot program that was imposed on the North End before it began.”

The pilot program took four residential parking spaces from the neighborhood and he suggested “they use parking lots and return the spaces to residents.”

Commissioner Fiandaca committed to advise residents of any other pilot or other programs before they are implemented.

Mendoza also claimed that “many spaces are taken up by workers at construction sites. They should park their vehicles in lots as well, opening up spaces for residents.”

The Commissioner noted, “Staff will be sent to each site to resolve the problem.”

“Valet parking is still a problem in the community,” Mendoza continued. “Valuable spaces are being taken up on a regular basis.”

Once again the Commissioner said, “Staff will look into it.”

“During sporting events, participants are taking up residential spaces.” He suggested the “penalty/fine should be increased to $100 for illegally parked vehicles during these events to discourage this problem that also takes spaces away from residents.”

Again the Commissioner noted, “The city will look into it.”

He told the Commissioner that the “city should look into canceling residential stickers when people move out of the North End.” He claimed, “people are still able to park using the expired sticker, also taking residential spaces away from residents.”

No comment was presented on this issue.

When asked, how many resident parking stickers are issued for how many legal spaces in the neighborhood? It was noted about two to one. About 1,500 spaces with over 4,000 stickers issued.

Residents were told that the Eliot School lot on Charter Street will eventually open up 40 residential spaces from 6am to 6pm.

NEWRA Election Committee Chair Carmine Guarino presented information on the upcoming board member election which will be held on Saturday, May 14 in the Nazzaro Community Center, 30 North Bennett Street from 10am to 2pm.

Nomination papers are available at the North End Library and the Nazzaro Center. Forty signatures of local residents are needed. Deadline to return papers is Monday, May 2. Ballots will be counted once the poll is close and it is open to the public.

Public Safety Committee Chair Sean Hennessey presented Part One crimes that took place over the last 30 days, including nine arrests. Part One crime was up one percent.

The next Public Safety meeting will be held on Thursday, May 5 at 6pm in the Nazzaro Community Center.

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