By Phil Orlandella


City’s small business plan a positive economic move

The City of Boston’s first small business plan appears to be a solid guide towards supporting these businesses as they start and grow in Boston.

Small businesses are a critical engine of the city’s economy and they warrant support in the best way that meets their needs to start up and continue to remain in the city’s neighborhoods.

The city has laid out three goals to accomplish this task: ensure a small business economy in the city, enhance the vibrancy of neighborhoods and continue to pursue economic and social inclusion and equity.

Moving forward with a small business plan is a wise move to help maintain an important part of the city’s structure in a positive way.

Support Boston’s Gun Buyback program

The City of Boston Police have been conducting a Gun Buyback Program that continues to be successful in taking guns out of homes and off-the-streets.

Like any other program of this nature it takes cooperation from the public to make it work.

Each firearm is traded in for a $200 Visa Gift Card to those that participate in the program, paid for by sponsors.

Reducing the number of guns out there will help prevent shootings, armed robbery, threats and accidental discharge of a firearm.

An appointment with a local district station must be made before delivering a gun. Turn in hours between 9am and 4pm.

Additional procedures can be obtained by calling a local police district station ahead of time to avoid being charged with illegal possession of a firearm or ammunition.

North End ONEin3 Counselors will do a good job

Two North End residents have been selected to serve as members of Boston 2016 ONEin3 Council which meets monthly over the next year.

Oliver Madden and Tina Natale will be working with the City of Boston to open new lines of communication between young adults and leaders of city government to empower and support the city’s 20-34-year-old population through civic engagement.

As civic minded citizens, both women, working with their peers, will do a good job representing the ideas and needs of this age bracket.

Recognition well deserved

North End resident Terri Campbell was named one of the 31 Extraordinary Woman throughout the city that makes an anonymous impact on an everyday basis.

She was recognized on International Women’s Day for her hard work, commitment and leadership as a Big Sister and Board member at the Big Sister of Greater Boston for over 10 years.

Campbell has been labeled as passion about serving girls and young woman and apparently does a great job doing so.

Congratulations Terri for caring!

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