NEWNC Deserve Support and Respect

All the votes have been counted and six North End residents have been reelected or elected to serve two-year terms on the North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) an advisory board that works with City Hall and local elected officials.

The 12-member body is charged with the responsibility of protecting the neighborhood from over development, its lifestyle, safety and many other issues related to the welfare of the community.

NEWNC is publicly elected, so it should be the voice of the neighborhood. Residents have placed their trust in this group and they should be recognize for the decisions they have to make every month.

Residents need to attend these public meetings to voice opinions on subject matters requested before the Council.

It is extremely important that NEWNC members hear from the community before voting on items and plans placed on their agenda, like liquor licenses, construction, expansions, height requests and much more.

            Support NEWNC.

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