NEWRA Committee Supports Liquor License Transfer

Two letters, of no objection, were sent to the Licensing Board by the North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association Zoning, Licensing and Construction Committee regarding local requests, according to committee co-chair David Kubiak.

The committee determined that the applicant, Frank DePasquale, has complied with NEWRA’s Notification Policy and that no significant neighbor concern or significant impact to the community has been raised.

DePasquale is seeking to transfer the Wine, Malt and Liqueurs License from Gelateria, 272 Hanover Street to Il Panino Express, 264 Hanover Street and to convert the operation of the eatery from self service (counter) to a table service restaurant with a similar menu. Closing hours will be 11pm on weeknights and midnight on weekends.

A similar letter was also sent to the Licensing Board stating no objection for a new Beer, Wine and Cordials License at Carmen Restaurant, 33 North Street. The owner, Jeff Malloy, had his license revoked because he reportedly forgot to re-new it. (Licenses must be re-applied for annually). The licensed hours, seating capacity and menu will not change.

In addition, the committee sent a letter to the Licensing Board and elected officials asking that a request for a full liquor license be deferred to NEWRA February 15 monthly meeting in order for the community to review and comment on the request by Gerry Riccio to use the license at Gennaro’s Restaurant, 5 North Square.

The eatery currently has a Beer, Wine and Cordials License. An attempt to obtain the new license was scheduled for action by the Licensing Board on February 9.

In the near future, the committee expects to rehash a request by Chris Young to construct a second floor addition at 78-80 Salem Street and to expand the existing restaurant “Trattoria Pulcinella” to the new addition. The owner is reportedly adjusting his proposal before returning to the neighborhood group for support.

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