NEWNC Supports Three Proposals

By Phil Orlandella

North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council.

It was a relatively quick North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council monthly meeting as three proposals were supported unanimously and the fourth request on the agenda was a no show.

Esmaell Mahdavi, represented by North End Attorney Daniel Toscano, received the full support (9-0) of the Council to change the legal occupancy at 196 Endicott Street from a three-family dwelling to a four-family dwelling creating a basement apartment. The building has already been gutted and will be transformed into four luxury two-bedroom condominiums.

The building height will not change and the owner agreed to abutters requests regarding construction schedule (7am to 3 or 5pm) and not to block driveway, plans would not be changed unless represented to the Council and roof-deck right will not be given to the top floor owners if the building is re-sold.

MaryAnn and Albert Giorgio also received the Council’s full support (9-0) to apply for a full liquor license with closing hours of 11pm Sunday through Thursday and 12 midnight on Friday and Saturday.

Giorgio was represented by Attorney Mike Overson who told the Council there would be no changes to the restaurant, LaFamiglia Giorgio’s, 112 Salem Street and there will not be a bar.

NEWRA had supported the same request at their monthly meeting. The Giorgio family was also recognized by NEWRA Clean Street Committee for continuously cleaning the sidewalk and street in front of the eatery. A Good Neighbor Award was presented to them.

By a vote of 8-0 the Council supported a request by Nasser Buisier to enclose two adjacent outdoor decks to increase living space and to prevent water damage to the building. Nasser received the Board of Trustees and abutters support for the change at 357 Commercial Street, Units 712 and 713.

The next NEWNC meeting will be held on Monday, March 14 at 7pm in the Nazzaro Community Center, 30 North Bennet Street.

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