Tunnel of Love at Columbus Park Trellis and Beyond

Friends of Christopher Columbus Park’s 5th annual “Tunnel of Love” has been expanded beyond the trellis into the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway, Faneuil Hall Marketplace and beyond, creating more signs of love on the Waterfront.

Throughout the month of February, hundreds of people will travel through the blue lights on the trellis into the “Tunnel of Love”, take photos, post them on social media and take in what the Waterfront businesses have to offer.

The trellis is decorated with conversation hearts with cupids and hearts hanging overhead with romantic music filling the air.

Thus far, while the special attraction is on display, FOCCP feels it has been a “huge success”.

Between the snowstorms, the electricians from Lenture Electric who installed the blue lights on the Trellis transforming the “Tunnel of Love”.

FOCCP Art Curator and board member Robyn Reed’s vision and experience created the very popular attraction the Tunnel of Love.

The Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway celebrated February as the “Month of Love” in Boston by turning their light red. Other areas of The Greenway are lit in red.

Visitors that snap photos while in the trellis,” Tunnel of Love” can win a Valentine prize pack. Deadline is 11:59 PM on Monday, February 28.

For more information visit Boston Harbor Now website.

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