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Representative Michlewitz hosts COVID-19 forum

A virtual meeting hosted by Representative Aaron Michlewitz was held that addressed all facts of COVID-19 recovery as part of a series dealing with the pandemic.

The first forum focused on public health and recovery.

Hospitality and economic recovery were the topics of the second virtual meeting.

A third meeting will be held on Thursday, March 25 at 5:30 PM that will include information ensuring equity and economic recovery.

Jim Luisi, Chief Executive of North End Waterfront Health along with other officials participated and the first two meetings and are expected to be available for the March 25 meeting.

Street sweeping in the North End underway

North End residents need to be prepared to move their vehicles on certain days and times as the City has begun street sweeping.

In addition, the Boston Transportation Department will resume ticketing enforcement for expired inspection stickers and vehicle registrations.

Enforcement of certain violations at the beginning of the pandemic were eased by the Mayor Martin Walsh to ensure residents could minimize their need to get out to slow the spread of COVID-19.

“With spring approaching, we are asking residents to move their vehicles during posted street sweeping time to ensure our Public Works Department is able to fully clean streets citywide,” Mayor Walsh said.

Failure to comply for street sweeping will result in a $40 fine. An expired inspection sticker or vehicle registration will also result in a $40 fine.

Residents with parking permits will continue to be allowed to park at meters within the neighborhood without having to abide by the time limits or pay the meter.

Old North Church vaccinations site

As part of a partnership with NEW Health, residents over the age of 75 were able to receive COVID-19 vaccinations at the Old North Church.

“They’re our most precious assets in this community and what better place than the Old North Church to do it,” NEW Health CEO James Luisi said.

The church was open three days a week at different hours to accommodate the seniors.

“We are excited to partner with NEW Health, our local community center to provide a safe, comfortable space for neighbors to receive vaccinations,” the Church noted on electronic mail.

ISD Commissioner participating in March NEWRA meeting

Concerns relating to the operation of the City of Boston Zoning Board of Appeal (ZBA) have been raised by the North End Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) have prompted the community organization to invite Dion Irish, Commissioner of Inspectional Service Department (ISD) to participate in the next monthly meeting scheduled for March 11.

NEWRA is seeking an outline presentation of the ZBA process, policies and procedures.

The Commissioner has accepted the invitation to explain and answer questions relating to the ZBA.

NEWRA President Cheryl Delgreco said, “All North End residents should have confidence that their voices will be heard and have an equally open, transparent situation with the ZBA process.”

New Greenway Artwork installed

Complete installation of the Andy Li’s “The Herd” artwork has taken place at Auntie Kay and Uncle Frank Park on The Greenway.

This new public artwork continues the annual curation of sculpture installations celebrating the twelve years of the Chinese Zodiac, according to the Greenway Conservancy.

            Li’s work reflects on the “Year of the Ox”. “A series of banners have been installed along the Serpentine Path with messages in Chinese and English,” the Conservancy said.

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