Outdoor Dining plans presented by City

Implications of Outdoor Restaurant Dining in the North End was discussed on January 27 with NEWRA and NEWNC hosted by the City of Boston Neighborhood Services and chaired by John Romano NE/WE Liaison.

The public meeting was held to engage the North End community on the 2021 Outdoor Dining Program details including the dates of the dining season, Thursday, April 1 through December 1, weather dependent, according to Romano.

Outdoor Dining program will allow businesses to have approved application to operate from Sunday through Thursday until 10 PM (patrons out by 10:30 PM) and Friday through Saturday until 11 PM (customers out by 11 PM)

“Currently, no entertainment will be allowed and music cannot emanate from the licensed premises,” Romano said. “North End permits will not be issued due to the density of the area,” he added.

Enforcement of the regulations and standards of the program the Licensing Board will hold emergency hearings on Mondays if needed. “Outdoor Dining approval may be revoked at any time without a hearing,” Romano noted.

Physical size of the dining area will be spray-painted. All applications will need a site plan on premises with an approval letter to be provided upon inspection.

The safety of these areas for pedestrians and dinners must be established and the vehicles in the area are of priority with increased safety standards for barriers and site plans needed to be implemented to obtain a license.

Romano said, “There will be additional precautions in the North End to assist parking enforcements.”

He added, “A parking alternative is still in progress and will be disclosed before the program is implemented.”

If approved, this will be the second consecutive Outdoor Dining program held in the community.

Street traffic flow will remain the same, no streets will be blocked off.

Commercial loading areas will be determined by the number of businesses that apply for licenses to serve outdoors.

Elected officials, NEWRA and NEWNC representatives participated in the community meeting.

            Reportedly, there were no problems stemmed from the public meeting.

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