FOCCP Host The Great Pumpkin

It is probably a little late for pumpkin stories however, the Friends of Christopher Columbus Park (FOCCP) put together a successful “The Great Pumpkin” event at the park.

While social distancing prevailed, it did not stop FOCCP from presenting its first “Pop Up Pumpkin Patch-Find a Pumpkin Take a Pumpkin” outdoor event.

“Colorful decorations filled the west lawn and tiny pumpkins were scattered about for tiny hands to pick up,” FOCCP President Joanne Hayes Rines said. “It was a three-hour event.”

FOCCP Vice President and event Chair Ann Babbitt said, “It was busy but never got crowded, that is just what we wanted.”

FOCCP Art Curator Robyn Reed designed and fabricated the Giant Pumpkin which was featured in the Rose Garden delighting children and their families as they watched Reed inflate the pumpkin.

“They could get a close look-up at the special pumpkin and pose for photos,” Reed said.

Ed Rocco, General Manager of the Long Wharf Marriott provided his ballroom. “We needed a really large space and could not have constructed the giant inflatable pumpkin without assistance from the Marriott,” Reed said.

The pumpkin returned to the park on Halloween evening much to the surprise and delight of everyone who saw it,” Hines noted.

“FOCCP has canceled many events this year but we’re still finding ways to entertain our neighbors,” Hines added.

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