City Forms Cannabis Board

Five appointments by Mayor Martin Walsh to serve as members to the Cannabis Board that will work to advance equity, diversity, and opportunity in the industry and represent a diverse range of expertise.

Boston’s new Cannabis Board is geared toward strengthening the City’s focus on equity in the new marijuana industry.

The Mayor working in partnership with the Boston City Council and ordinance was signed to establish equitable regulations of the industry in the City with the collaboration from many stakeholders.

The independent board will be charged with reviewing all applicants for a marijuana business.

“The purpose of Boston’s Cannabis Board is to make sure our actions continue to match our values supporting equity, diversity and local ownerships in the new industry.”

Council President Kim Janery, “This board is so important to our City as it will bring a new, transparent and public facing process, focus on equity for creating Hosts Community Agreements in Boston.”

Appointed were: Kathleen Joyce, Chair of the Licensing Board for the City.

Monica Valdes Lupi, JD, MPH is the former health Commissioner for the City of Boston.

Darlene Lombos is the first woman and person of color elected to lead the Greater Boston Labor Council.

Lisa Holmes has served as a Boston Police Department Superintendent with fifty years of experience in public safety.

John Smith holds a Master’s in Public Policy and extensive experience in nonprofit government, education and advocacy fields. He has worked in the Mayor’s Office of Economic Developments.

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