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MBTA Stations to Be Improved

Nearly $30 million has been allocated for improvement to for major MBTA stations.

Downtown Crossing, State, Haymarket and North Station, which experiences the highest passenger volumes of any other in the T system, will undergo over sixteen months of construction.

Improvements will include the replacement of all existing signage and repair work to ceilings, walls and floors.

In addition, the project will result in interior painting, cleaning and refinishing benches, lighting replacement, and cleaning in station artwork.

Reportedly, the work is part of an overall strategy to update station conditions and wayfinding elements throughout the system in order to maintain the T’s reliability and modernization needs.

Mayor Appoints New Director

Yusufi Vali has been named as the new director of the Mayor’s Office for Immigrant Advancement.

Vali will lead Mayor Martin Walsh’s vision for uplifting all of the City’s immigrant neighborhoods on multi-fronts, ensuring safety and security, providing equitable access to City government and promoting economics, culture and civic integration.

Mayor Attends US Conference of Mayors

Mayor Martin Walsh recently joined more than 200 Mayors from across the country for the 87th Annual Meeting of the United States Conference of Mayors held in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The Mayor participated in panels and sessions on topics such as climate change, housing, substance use disorder, transportation, education, equity and more.

“The annual conference of the Mayors is one of the best ways for us to come together as cities, learn from one another and join voices for change,” Mayo Walsh said.

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