Summer Safety Measures Adopted Throughout City

Boston has put together what appears to be solid measures for summer safety throughout the city.

Working with city departments, police, community organizations and the clergy, Mayor Martin Walsh and Police Commissioner William Gross have developed a strategy and commitment to community policing, access to services and prevention initiatives throughout the summer months when crime can get sticky.

“I will focus through our summer strategy is to ensure our residents feel safe in their community each and every day,” Mayor Walsh said.

Summer attracts many visitors to the city, for many activities, events, historic sites and restaurants on a regular basis, some of them are neighborhood celebrations.

Preventive crime programs in the city will provide positive opportunities for people and a path away from violence.

The city plans to use every tool they have available to make sure the city is safe by continuing to build on a strong foundation of community policing which residents consider a priority.

Overall crime, according to the police department, is down in Boston by nine percent and violent crime is down twelve percent. Property crime is down eight percent and non-fatal shootings are down five percent.

Year to date, 292 guns have been recovered from the streets, not counting fake guns or replicas.

“We work very closely with our city and community partners to prevent violence and provide opportunities for those in need,” Commissioner Gross said. “While this is a year-round effort, we are especially focused on the summer months. We will be running programs and activities for youth and children in every district, and connecting at-risk youth and families with the resources and opportunities.”

            The BPD has strong partnerships and collaborations with many agencies, non-profits, and community-based programs, with more than 175 programs and services across seven city departments.

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