NEAD Family Pride Week Photos Available

Photos from many years of the North End Against Drugs (NEAD) annual North End Family Pride Week events are currently available for viewing at the North End Library, 25 Parmenter St.

“Over 1,100 photos for many years of the highly successful community event are on display, most of them taken by Michelle Morgan of the North End, some taken by unknown photographers,” NEAD President John Romano said.

“NEAD is grateful to Librarian Jennifer Hawes for allowing these photos to be stored at the neighborhood history section of the library,” Romano added.

Romano also thanked Morgan for “taking these awesome pictures over the years.”

“NEAD hopes many residents and others will stop by the library and enjoy looking back at time and possibly recognizing family members and friends at the grassroots community event held throughout the years,” Romano concluded.

            Pride Week will most likely not take place at the North End bocce court area depending on how long it will take to complete renovations in the area.

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