North Washington Street Bridge Progress Update Meeting Held in the North End

An extremely informative update on the status of the North Washington Street Bridge was presented at the North End public meeting held November 27 at the Nazzaro Community Center on North Bennet Street.

MassDOT and the City of Boston organize the neighborhood meeting to advise residents of several changes in the plans to make repairs on the structure.

Residents appeared to like the addition of a temporary bridge that will eliminate at least six months of the bridge project that connects the North End and Charlestown.

The overview included: Traffic flow, pedestrian access, new sidewalks, bicycle access, time frames, signage, bus routes, delays, emergency access, plans for breakdowns, noise, hazardous material cleanup, harbor issues, alternative routes, policing, lane closures and other bridge related issues like construction times and dates, rodent control and dust control.

Residents raised some concerns that are already taking place:

  • Addressed construction noise following TD Garden events.
  • Commercial Street right turns to the bridge. When lane is backed up, vehicles are taking an illegal right turn from the middle lane after the first right hand turn to avoid delays.
  • Funeral home double parking on Commercial Street resulting in one-way traffic that will further the cause delays during the project.
  • Bicycle traffic using pedestrian walkway instead of designed areas.
  • Breakdown responses.
  • Running water, electrical and gas lines across the bridge.

The agencies responsible for the project, answered these and other questions, apparently to the resident’s satisfaction.

The next public meeting will take place next fall, sooner if necessary.

Information on the project can be obtained by contacting North Washington Street [email protected]

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