ZBA Approves Two North End Requests and Defers Another

Three requests relating to the North End developments were discussed at the City of Boston Zoning Board of Appeal on Tuesday, November 13 according to Neighborhood Services Liaison Maria Lanza.

She noted, “Two of the three were approved and the other was deferred at the request of the applicants.”

An application by Frank Scire to change the legal occupancy at 64-66 Salem Street from retail to retail with liquor store was deferred.

Scott Dabney’s request to make minor repairs at 33 North Margin Street was approved.

Plans call for enclosing existing first floor entryway and to increase living space of the fourth-floor unit into existing fifth floor. Also, to come play a small addition to the fifth floor and install a new roof deck for the exclusive use of the top unit.

A request by Lee Thomas to get six units at 40-42 Fleet Street, install a new structure floor framing, new retaining wall system, and new finishes of six units and common area was approved.

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