Dividing the Center into three sites not feasible

A group of North End residents are circulating a petition relating to the Nazzaro Community Center relocation.

They have reportedly have gathered more than 1.000 signatures supporting the rehab of  the current Center with all the current programming and to build a second site for a new gym, pool and other activities placed on the new site.

This suggestion would require the Center staff to cover three locations when the pool is taken into consideration.

In addition, in order to rehab the Nazzaro Center, there will have to be a closure of one year or more with no place to relocate existing programs and activities, including the senior center.

While it’s great to see the community attempting to come up with relocation ideas, spreading out to three sites and a closure of the Nazzaro Center, might not be feasible.

Worrying what will become of the current Center if it’s relocated is a genuine concern and should be addressed but not at the expense of having a new center built from the ground up.


Let the construction at North End Parks begin

All the public areas with the exception of the two pools along Commercial Street will undergo a massive renovation by the City of Boston Recreation Department as committed by Mayor Martin J. Walsh.

Construction will begin this Spring 2019 and reportedly be completed in the Spring of 2020. Work will be done from the abutting Steriti Skating Rink to the edge of the walkway leading to the pools.

Once the project starts there will be some indefinite closures of the softball field, Puopolo Park, the soccer field and Langone Little League Field.

Some other temporary closures will include the bocce courts, the basketball court, the children’s playground in the open space between the rink and the Little League Field, especially during the seawall repairs.

Apparently, there will be no major problem accessing the pools, which will remain open for the duration of the project.

Boston Parks Department is still working with residents, other organizations, schools and the North End Athletic Association (NEAA), which coordinates most of the activities and programs on the public space.

Plans call for the first ever artificial turf place in Puopolo Park that will help with the drainage problems and stop the many delays and postponement of games each year due to flooding.

In general, current plans for the major construction of the area have been basically supported by the neighborhood.

Reportedly, the City will hold still another public meeting to address the plans once again with community residents.


Representative Michlewitz raises NEMPAC scholarships

A Corn Hole challenge hosted by Representative Aaron Michlewitz raised scholarship funding for students to attend various programs at the North End Music and Performing Arts Center (NEMPAC).

This is not the first time this event has been held to help students learn at the popular Center and it’s certainly not going to be the last time.

Helping students by providing scholarships to NEMPAC is a worthwhile endeavor that should fiddle on.


Holiday Package theft a reality

It’s getting close to Christmas when thousands of packages being delivered on a regular basis, most of them placed on doorsteps and in hallways, setting up a perfect situation but these (Grinches) to swipe in the blink of an eye.

Residents should watch for deliveries and pick them up immediately and place indoors.

When not at home people should ask their neighbors to keep a watchful eye out for deliveries or call them if possible, advising if a package is on the doorstep.

Stealing packages has always been a problem, especially during the holiday season.

These culprits are well aware that the holiday season brings packages to many homes and they monitor the area, ready to swipe whatever they can get their dirty hands on, spoiling Christmas for many people.

Call Boston Police for more tips on how not to be a victim of package theft.


Residents pleased with Police  response

Now that District A1 Boston Police are consistently patrolling Cutillo Park and responding to 911 calls from residents about apparent drug use and sales in this area may have come to an end, along with the sale of merchandise.

Some residents told the Review that things at the public park tucked away between Stillman and Morton Streets have improved.

In addition, the park has been cleaned up removing leaves and other debris and a very active Friends of Cutillo Park has been formed.

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