A wise selection naming Steven Siciliano Nazzaro Center Director

Naming a new Director of the Nazzaro Community Center comes at an important time as the well-used public facility will eventually be relocated to one on three sites within the North End neighborhood.

There is also the possibility of the Center being renovated and extended into the parking lot, basketball court and community garden.

“Born and raised in the North End, Steven Siciliano, is fully aware of the task of running a community Center with all of its programming, activities, events and working closely with other neighborhood organizations to develope new and interesting programs,” one parent told the Review.

Steven, who officially became Director on November 14, had already been meeting with staff and Center users to get a feel of what can be done to improve and create programs in the well-used facility, once called the “Bath House”.

He has also attended several neighborhood meetings and spoken with other neighborhood organizations like the North End Athletic Association (NEAA) and North End Against Drugs (NEAD) to discuss the future of the Center and continuing good relationships.

Steven was a frequent participant in the programs offered at the Center where he also volunteered to help conduct many programs and activities, gaining first-hand knowledge of the role the Center plays in the community.

He clearly understands that the Center has outgrown itself (waiting list of about 100 people) and that a new community Center is a must.

Steven has the ability, dedication and desire to take on the challenges to make the Center a bigger and better place for the community to enjoy.

The neighborhood should rally behind this young man and be a part of the quest to build a new Center from the bottom up.


North End dog   dropping trail

There is no question that the new dog park located in DeFilippo Park (Gassy) has made a significant difference to the canine problem of doing their duty on a daily basis on North End sidewalks, streets, parks, playgrounds or wherever the owners allow them to go.

On any given day, a walk through the community will depict that the problem still exists.

Signs are placed in parks, playgrounds and other places prohibiting access to dogs, however, dogs can’t read.

Dog owners need to start paying more attention, abide by the rules and help keep the community cleaner and healthier.

Responsible Urbanites for Fido (RUFF) has maintained a vigorous campaign to get the message out to dog owners to do the right thing.

But without enforcement and/or community pressure this problem could go on forever.


Two more years for Representative Michlewitz

State Representative Aaron Michlewitz will be at the State House for another two-year term. That’s a good thing.

Michlewitz has been a positive ally to the North End/Waterfront and the other neighborhoods in his district.

His involvement in the neighborhood issues, programs, activities and most importantly community endeavors leaves no doubt of his total commitment as an elected public official who simply gets the job accomplished every time.

Rep. Michlewitz is a true community activist that can be counted on when needed.


Sons and Daughters of Italy joined the community

Another North End non-profit has joined the community, Sons and Daughters of Italy.

The intention of the new group is to preserve, enhance and improve Italian heritage in the neighborhood with a strong presence in the community commonly known as “Little Italy”.

Helping other organizations by providing support, involvement and financial assistance are other goals the group has on the community minded agenda.

They also plan to organize their own activities within the neighborhood. We’ll just have to wait and see how things work out.


New Community Center a golden opportunity

Residents have a golden opportunity to have a new North End Community Center, at one of three sites currently on the table, waiting for a process to begin based on neighborhood input.

Besides the three locations that a Center will be built from the ground up, another plan is to renovate the current Center and build into the current parking lot, basketball court and community garden that exist in the public space. However, this choice will close the Center for two years with no place to house programs.

Not everyone will get what they want in the original plans, however, things must proceed further so work can proceed at a reasonable pace.


Cutillo Park needs attention

Cutillo Park is in dire need of major repairs and the removal of reported drug dealings and use in the public park.

Residents can’t even use the small park that contains a children’s play area, a basketball court and some benches. It’s time to tackle this situation before it gets worse.

The Friends of Cutillo Park, the Boston Parks Department and volunteers held a major cleanup of the park. That was a good start at the public space needs more improvements and removal and/or arrests of the drug and sale of stolen merchandise that is reportedly taking place in the public space.

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