North Ender Named to SPARK Boston Council

North End resident Dani Niro has been named one of 40 Boston residents to serve for 12-months on Mayor Martin Walsh is 2018-19 SPARK Boston Council.

Members of SPARK will work to open up new lines of communication between young adults and leaders in City government.

They will advise the Mayor on issues affecting their millennial population and work with City departments and community stakeholders to help solve problems by holding monthly meetings, attend community monthly meetings and putting on programs focusing on connecting millennials with these partners.

Programs include neighborhood socials, salary negotiation workshops, homeownerships, leadership open houses and Chief Chats, a new service of events that allows citizens to hear directly from the Mayor’s Cabinet Chiefs on a variety of issues and pose questions related to the above-mentioned subjects.

“Boston is the home to highest concentration of millennials in the country and we count on them to help us grow as a city and community,” the Mayor said.

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