Governor Baker              should be re-elected

Re-electing Governor Charlie Baker to another four-year term would be a good thing for Massachusetts.

He has proven to be a solid leader and works extremely hard to make the state safe and the economy in a solid position.

He managed to accomplish things of importance working with an overwhelming Democratic legislature.

During his term as governor, the economy has taken a turn for the better, the job rate is up and many other issues have been addressed for the betterment of the state.

Reelect Governor Charlie Baker.


Opposing Citizen’s Bank               a mistake

The 2018 Battle of 198 Hanover Street continues with no real peace treaty slated for the near future.

It appears the territorial lines between residents and community organizations have been established relating to Charter Street Realty which is attempting to develop tenants for the building.

Originally, the neighborhood was totally opposed to the building design because it didn’t fit in with the gateway character of the North End.

City Hall approved the design despite objections from the community.

Sparks began to fly when the realty firm attempted to place a Starbucks in the building.

Once again, the community claims the national chain firm did not fit into the character of the Italian community.

This time around, with heavy political pressure, the Starbucks proposal was dropped.

Recently, both community groups opposed the relocation of Citizens Bank to the Hanover Street site, without real justification. The bank has been in the community for many years, without any problems.

This appears to be the lack of trust in the realty firm from past issues.

Citizen’s Bank will and should eventually get all the approvals they may need from the city and the move will take place.

Residents should have the right to oppose or support what goes in their community, however, they have clearly made a misjudgment on the bank issue.


A terrific upcoming Halloween Bash scheduled for the 31st

There is a terrific and safe way to celebrate Halloween this year all in one place, the Nazzaro Center Courtyard on North Bennet Street.

Hosted by the Center and the North End Music and Performing Arts Center (NEMPAC) the spooky celebration on Wednesday, October 31 promises to be a great time for kids, families and other participants.

The community event will feature pizza, cider, games, a bouncy house, a haunted house, arts and crafts, face painting, an instrumental petting zoo and a few surprises.

The free Halloween Bash is a must attend community events that will be held from 3-7 PM.


Saint Gennaro Festival              is a class act

Just about everyone is raving about the Saint Gennaro Festival that was recently held in the North End on the corner of Hanover and Battery Streets, especially the spectacular entertainment.

The Festival which benefited autism drew a good number of visitors and the local community.

North End restaurants replace the usual vendors on the streets.

Organizers did nothing short of providing a great festival that will most likely become an annual North End attraction.

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