Friends Claim Cutillo Park Has Fallen into Disrepair

Friends of Cutillo Park, located off Stillman and Salem Streets, have started a petition to restore the public space which has been neglected and has fallen into disrepair.

There have been reports of damage, drug use and the selling of possible stolen merchandise in the park and Morton Street  area which abuts the facility and has been in the community since about 1920.

The area is located at the Gateway to the North End just off the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway.

Friends believe the space has incredible potential to become an important open space.

The group has discussed the park’s current problems and potential future development with the City’s Department of Neighborhood Services Liaison Maria Lanza, City Councilor Lydia Edwards and the Boston Parks Department to possibly get things started in a positive direction.

They are also looking for residents to join the active movement, and would appreciate any stories relating to the park.

A petition to support this endeavor is online at

The group plans to attend the North End Boston Please District A1 Public Safety meeting on Thursday, November 1 to discuss the unlawful uses happening in the park.

They claim they have called the police on several locations but the response time has been lagging.

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