Artificial turf planned       at Puopolo Park

Several community meetings have been held regarding many improvements to Langone Field, Puopolo Park and other public areas along the Commercial Street complex.

Plans for the renovations were presented by the City of Boston Parks and Recreation Department, at each meeting and basically agreed on by residents that took the time to find their way to them to discuss the proposed plans.

A major part of the proposal was to place artificial turf at Puopolo Park. After much debate the idea was placed in the plans by the City.

While the North End Athletic Association (NEAA) at every meeting supported the artificial turf plan, the North End/Waterfront Neighborhood Council (NEWNC) sent a letter of opposition.

No one at the public meeting opposed the turf plan. Now a community organization expressed opposition. After the fact.


Texting while driving       bill passed

Legislation has been passed making texting while driving in Massachusetts illegal.

The bill will definitely save lives and injuries, however, if the law is not consistently enforced, it will make no difference and it will be just a piece of paper with useless words on it.

Hopefully, the much-needed bill will have some impact that will prevent deadly consequences.


NEAD Pride Day the best yet

North End Against Drugs (NEAD) hosted still another exciting fun filled and informative North End Pride Day at Langone Park.

Hundreds of residents and others participated in the annual bash that contain something to do for all ages.

NEAD has presented this special neighborhood event for over and 50 years, with each event getting bigger and better each year.

The non-profit community organization sponsors many exciting and educational activities throughout the year since its inception and plans to continue providing many more in the years to come.

NEAD…. It’s All About Family.


NEAA Baseball team  captures championship

Right from the first pitch of the Boston Citywide Baseball League, the 12 and under North End Athletic Association (NEAA) team was focused on taking home the bacon and they did.

The team played competitive teams on their way towards capturing the 2018 Championship. Games are played at different venues throughout the City.

From top to bottom, the North End team managed to put it all together to claim the championship.


NEWRA recognizes            Good Neighbors

One of the best community awards given out is the Good Neighbor Award presented by the North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA).

The award recognizes people and/or businesses in the community for trying to make a difference in helping to keep the neighborhood clean by cleaning the area in front of their building or place of business on a regular basis.

Taking the time to create a cleaner and healthier community should be everyone’s goal.

Ten or fifteen minutes of time to make a real difference towards having a cleaner neighborhood.

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