Dog Park Closure on Feast Weekends

We know this information will disappoint many of you, but we hope that you appreciate how hard it was to make this dog park a reality and now we need to take necessary steps to preserve it.

With August here we welcome the old tradition of the North End feasts. These celebrations have been a source of togetherness and community for years. Unfortunately in the last few years the feasts have also brought a lot of unwelcome, out of town visitors.

Last summer the flights were heavily vandalized in the first weekend of August while the dog park was just in the pilot stage without all the new grass and updates added in. This summer is different. Our beautiful park is very expensive and a lot of hard work, time and effort has been expended. We cannot risk a member forgetting to close the gate on a feast night. Or someone scaling the fence to open the gates; leaving the park vulnerable to deviants. Therefore the North End Dog Park will be padlocked closed during all feast weekends and be under surveillance by Boston Police. We hope to have the park open during the days but this is on a weekend by weekend basis. If we feel it is safe and have the manpower to open we will.

Please understand that although we wish we never had to lock up, it is a necessity in keeping our park safe. We ask all members to be vigilant during these weekends.

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