NSC ESOL Students Learn Through Cinema

Students at the North End/West End Neighborhood Services Center, 1 Michelangelo Street, English for Speakers of Other Language (ESOL) learned the organization’s classroom movies project.

Using a film as a platform, NSC instructors used films as a platform to, reinforce grammar, listen for gist, practice vocabulary, discuss and debate and role-play.

“The ESOL classroom movies are a fabulous way for students to hear

up-to- date authentic speech and be exposed to various accents,” according to the Center’s staff.

The staff added, “Bringing popular movies into lessons reinforces how the adult learners can learn from and practice English when watching movies in their own time.”

Usually, students take a break from their studies to watch a movie while enjoying snacks.

            For more information or to enroll in NSC free classes call Vidhartha Deonarain at 617-523-8125.

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