Edwards makes a wise choice with Carangelo

            Newly elected District 1 Boston City Councilor Lydia Edwards has hired former Councilor Sal LaMattina aide Cathy Carangelo of the North End.

            Edwards has made a wise choice placing Cathy on her staff. She has a lot of knowledge relating to the neighborhood and is a popular person in the community.

Together they will become an asset to the North End/Waterfront area.

Ruff co-founder Amy Hand retires

            Amy Hand, co-founder and president of Responsible Urbanites For Fido (Ruff) has officially retired from the extremely active neighborhood organization after four years of hard and dedicated neighborhood involvement, with many positive endeavors under her belt.

            She spearheaded many useful programs and projects which help to keep the neighborhood clean and healthy relating to dog issues.

            Her biggest endeavor was creating a modern and useful dog park in the community.

            She and Ruff recently met their goal when a terrific dog park was officially opened on two-levels of DeFilippo Park on Prince Street commonly known as the Gassy.

            She and others spent many hours and attended numerous meetings to accomplish this fete, creating a state-of-the-art dog park that’s safe, clean and a great place for canines to enjoy, while helping to keep the community clean.

            While it may be in the making. The City should place a well-deserved plaque in the park naming all those responsible for making this community endeavor a reality.

            Amy will be truly missed.

Well-deserved recognition

            Frank DePasquale, after 30 years of doing business in the North End, has been presented a Boston City Council Resolution noting his success and many contributions to the community.

            It’s about time DiPasquale received recognition. It’s well-deserved!

NEWRA seeks new members

            Since the North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) was formed, the non-profit community organization has played a key role in the preservation of the neighborhood.

            The group conducts monthly public meetings at the Nazzaro Community Center, presenting agenda items relating to the community and guest speakers that provide information on numerous categories of interest to residents and the business community.

            NEWRA is currently seeking renewal of memberships and new members.

            Being a part of NEWRA offers insight to many neighborhood endeavors, concerns, issues and an opportunity to be part of the neighborhood on a first-hand basis.

            Many changes have and will continue to occur in the community. Being a member of NEWRA, residents can help shape the destiny of the community.

            Giving back something to the neighborhood can be very rewarding.

The Greenway is a very special place

            It was a banner year (2017) for the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Greenway Conservancy.

            During the year The Greenway provided over 400 free events to the general public and there is still more to come.

            Each year more and more people visit The Greenway enjoying the many programs, events, activities and the arts presented at the popular park that provides something for everyone.

            The Greenway is a very special place.

Dog Park a howling success

            Responsible Urbanites For Fido (Ruff), following a major community endeavor, opened a new dog park at DeFilippo Park on Prince Street (Gassy).

            The event took place on December 16 with numerous dog owners and pets attending the long-awaited opening, which was a howling success.

            All the dedicated work by the neighborhood group resulted in a fantastic dog park that will make a difference.

            Users of the park now needs to chip in to keep the facility clean.

            It took many hours and meetings to get to the final product which is an important asset relating to keeping the neighborhood clean and healthy while presenting dog owners with a state-of-the-art facility for their pets to enjoy.

            The City should place a plaque in the park recognizing Ruff for this accomplishment. In the beginning it started with a small group of dog owners, that surged into a neighborhood group (Ruff) with a goal that emerged into a reality.

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