City Officials Use New Tools to Prevent Tenants’ Displacement

Two new resources to prevent displacement and eviction of tenants have been established by the Office of Housing Stability, according to Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh.

            One of the new resources is geared toward landlords and the other toward tenants.

            The guiding principle behind the resources is, if appropriated, information and mediation is offered early in the process. Many evictions can possibly be avoided, the City claims.

            “We have to work together to keep our communities stable, and ensure families have access to good homes and good neighborhoods,” Mayor Walsh said in a press release.

            The City has rolled out its 1st ever online guide to tenants’ rights when served with an eviction notice.

            The goal of the new resources is outlined on, Housing a Changing City: Boston 2030.

            The Mayor has filed an anti-discrimination package with the State Legislature, which would allow tenants and non-profits the rights of first refusal to purchase properties subject to foreclosure, short sale, and the right to counsel in housing court.

            The package also creates state income tax credits for renting unsubsidized units at below market rates.

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