By Phil Orlandella

District Attorney’s Drug Pilot program has merit

A new pilot recovering drug program that could possibly help steer addicts away from prison has been put on the table by Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley.

Apparently, the new initiative is geared toward meaningful intervention to the lives of drug addicts, if they choose to participate in what’s been labeled a road to recovery program.

A first of its kind, the initiative is geared toward steering low-level, non-violent drug offenders into treatment rather than serving time in prison has merit and should be tested and evaluated.

Someone, apparently, in Boston or Suffolk County is dying from heroin overdose possibly, this new initiative will cut down those numbers.

The program will allow people who are found with possessing any drug to be summoned to court the day after they are stopped by police and meet with Suffolk County prosecutors and be offered a comprehensive recovery service from detox to counseling, a three to six-month program. If completed, criminal charges will never be issued, thus no chill time will apply.

The pilot program appears to be a promising way to deal with addicts, offering them a road to recovery.

Sexual harassment needs to be addressed at all levels

More and more allegations of sexual harassment continue to make headlines, especially in the political arena and in the private business sector.

Power and influence are mostly key elements that predators used to lure in prey.

Unless sexually abuse people come forward, they are beginning to, no real action can be taken to eliminate these predators once and for all.

Don’t be a victim of these abusers, report them immediately.

Senator Boncore/Representative Michlewitz should be unopposed

Now that the District 1 Boston City Council election is over, it is getting close to that time to elect a State Senator and State Representative for the North End/Waterfront community for another two years.

While it’s way too early to tell, it appears Senator Joe Boncore and Representative Aaron Michlewitz will have no democratic opposition this time around.

There may be a Republic candidate or even an Independent candidate but that appears to be highly unlikely and no real chance of them winning.

Both elected officials have done an outstanding job in the Legislature and in the North End/Waterfront community (District 1) and should be unopposed come election time.

Friends usher in New Year with fireworks display

Friends of Christopher Columbus Park (FOCCP) rang in the new year (2018) with a spectacular firework display over Boston Harbor, returning a 40-year old tradition that was greatly enjoyed by thousands of spectators over the years.

Thousands of people gathered at different locations along Boston Harbor to enjoy the fireworks and the spirit of ushering in the new year.

The Friends said they would bring this event back and they certainly did so.

 Many volunteers and sponsors made this special event possible

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