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North End Dog Park Opens – December 16

With much excitement and gratitude, we are proud to announce the opening of the new official North End Dog Park. Responsible Urbanites For Fido (RUFF) will be hosting a winter opening with less fanfare but just as much excitement on December 16th. The park will be fully operational for the winter months. We will host a grand opening this spring when we can show off the water features and bask in the warm sunshine.

We hope you all have been following along with our progress on our Facebook and Instagram accounts. Each day has brought new challenges and successes. The water lines have been dug and water successfully flows in our new park. The concrete is now a lush green grass just waiting for paws to prance on. Jumps, tunnels, decking, misting hydrants and more have been installed and will prove to provide endless entertainment for our four-legged members and their owners. Lighting has been improved so that even when it is dark at 4pm, play time will go on. The list goes on. Come and see all that this beautiful park has to offer when we open on December 16th. It has been a long road and we have worked so hard to bring the North End a top-of-the line community dog park. We have finally reached the finish line.

Please join us on December 16th at 10am. Coffee and treats for both humans and dogs will be provided. In addition to the swag for dogs we have created a RUFF North End t-shirt for the two-legged fans to purchase. Exploration and open play is highly encouraged.

As a reminder, this event will have a high number of dogs and lots of extra excitement and stimulation. We encourage owners to use their best judgement with dogs inside the event. This is an off leash park but with highly attended events and treats, leashes are always encouraged for safety. Know your dog, read the signs, and be a responsible owner.

So many to thank, but most of all… all of you!. We can not wait to swing open the gates and welcome everyone on December 16th. We can’t wait to see you all.

As a quick holiday note:

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