Hanover Street Fire Claims Two Lives

Last week’s a three-alarm fire at 282 Hanover Street was caused by careless disposal of smoking material in the second-floor bedroom according to the Boston Fire Department that responded to the 1 a.m. blaze.

Boston first responders at the 3-alarm fire on Hanover Street.

Boston first responders at the 3-alarm fire on Hanover Street.

Two people died and three others were injured and taken to the hospital. One man died in the building while the second victim jumped out a window causing his death.

Boston Fire rescued a mother, father and an infant using a ladder truck and rushed to the hospital.

Flames were coming out of the five-story building windows when firefighters arrived on the scene. Damage was estimated at $1.5 million dollars. The street was cleared about 5:30 AM on Wednesday.

The blaze took place near the Parmenter Street intersection.

The ground floor of the building that caught fire is occupied by Trattoria Il Panino (formally Café Pompei) near The Connah Store and Ristorante Saraceno with apartments in the upper floors.

Reportedly there was no damage to the businesses.

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