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Responsible Urbanites For Fido (R.U.F.F.) wanted to reach out and give all our members and residents an update on the park and construction progress. We have made some significant strides at the park site and hope members are following along with our social media accounts for pictures. Or just walk past the park and you can see what has been going on.

Up to this point: All old items in the park have been demolished. The major task of installing water was successful. You can see the new lines all throughout the park which is really exciting. The walls have been cleaned and a fresh coat of paint has been added. The top level is being prepped for turf this week – gravel has been laid and will be sealed in the coming days. The last painting of the raised planter on the upper level has been completed. The lower level is being prepped for the next phase – some concrete panels are being poured (where there won’t be turf) for updating. All the iron gates and fences have been cleaned, painted and some repairs are being done.

Whats Next?: The park is waiting on the delivery of items. The custom precast structures are in the process of being fabricated and our construction team will be building the new wooden ramps in the next week.  When the turf and park items arrive the contractor and his team will work quickly to get them installed. The turf delivery is taking longer than expected and that is the major reason for delays – but RUFF wants to let everyone know, it is well worth it. The high quality of the turf is the main component in making this park unique and special.

There is some additional fence repair and painting to be done but in the next few weeks we expect to see the major transformation! Please hang in there with us.

Reminder:  If your dog needs off-leash park time, please use the Richmond Street dog run. Do not use the grassy areas or playground in the Gassy. Letting dogs off leash in any of the North End parks is against the law – all dog should be leashed unless in the dog park. Complaints are coming in about Christopher Columbus Park and the baseball-fields. If you use these parks, please use them responsibly. Remind other owners who may not be a part of RUFF that irresponsible dog ownership reflects poorly on the entire community. Please leash your dog.

RUFF is at the new dog park several times a week working on the project and advocating for all of our members and what is best for the neighborhood. Given this commitment we are holding off on any outside events until completion of this project. We sincerely miss planning events and we know the neighborhood is in need of a fall clean up, but hope members and neighbors understand the time commitment. We hope to have a potential completion date soon so we can organize an opening event for everyone. As always, please reach out to RUFF at any time with questions or concerns.


Richmond Street Winter Prep – Please be on the look out for the email with date and details for prepping Richmond Street for winter. We need to move some of the pebbles from the front to the back and do some general maintenance. If you use Richmond Street and/or love RUFF we hope you can lend a helping hand.


Congrats to Mayor Walsh on another 4 years, and a welcome to new City Councilor elect Lydia Edwards. We look forward to working together. Its fall the leaves are falling – don’t let any stray dog mess behind. If you see a dog owner not cleaning up – say something, offer them a bag and keep the North End clean and responsible. Ordering on Amazon? – use our Amazon Smile to keep ongoing support to RUFF –  https://smile.amazon.com/ch/46-1523572 Dog bags, we will fill, you use them…donate a case and support RUFF and our clean neighborhood efforts. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00LWFF6V0/ref=cm_sw_r_em_api_c_IwaVzbFD4F8P8

Follow us at RUFF North End Dog on Facebook, follow us on IG @ruffnorthend for looks at the park progress. Opening date and event times to follow as we move along.

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