North Square Oyster Rated Highly in Boston Magazine

By Phil Orlandella

Boston Magazine’s annual “Top 25 New Restaurants” issue hit newsstands and a North End restaurant was named among the City’s “Top 25 New Restaurants 2017”.

For the past several months, the magazine spent their time tasting Boston’s newest restaurants (open before September 1) to find the latest and greatest.

Included on the list (14th) is the North End’s North Square Oyster.

            According to the magazine, “With this modern, seafood-focused destination, second-generation North End restaurateur Nick Frattaroli and executive chef Douglas Rodrigues (a Clio and Liquid Arts House alum” are bringing something fresh to the areas pasta-packed streets. Rodrigues’s raw selections, in particular, typify his fine-dining background: think salmon crudo sliced with Chinese hot mustard and adorned with raspberries, and tuna poke dusted with foie gras powder. He’s even given neighborhood classics like Bolognese and upgrade-here, it’s beefed up with oxtail and parsnip and topped with sweet, succulent lobster.”

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