North End Dog Park Close for Upgrades

By Phil Orlandella

Members of Responsible Urbanites For Fido (RUFF) got together on a recent Sunday afternoon for some fun and mingling before the DeFilippo dog park close for upgrades within the next week or so.

Dog treats were provided free and participants brought some human treats to share.

This was one last hang out in the concrete dog park that has been a great, safe, steppingstone towards the new dream park.

In a short period of time, the “pilot park” will be transformed into a green urban oasis for the North End’s four-legged friends and pet owners.

Poop bag donations were presented at the event as well as donations to help support the privately funded dog park. RUFF has also placed poop bags within the parks and around the community.

RUFF members noted that, “Just community involvement in their events and cleanup makes for a stronger neighborhood, and they are also touched by the generosity of the North End community.”

For more information regarding RUFF and all their events email [email protected]

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