Street Paving in North End/West End

By Phil Orlandella

Street paving operations in the North End (9/21 & 9/22) will take place on Causeway Street, Commercial Street and Atlantic Avenue according to Neighborhood Services Liaison Maria Lanza.

“Plan your travel into and out of the work areas accordingly,” she said. “The length of disruption will be minimized with the cooperation of all pedestrians and drivers during the pavement times.”

“Travel will be impacted due to the large equipment needed to perform the work. Numerous personnel will be on site to oversee the work and manage traffic with police details,” she added.

In the West End (9/23 & 9/24) the remaining work areas are the Keany Square intersection (Causeway/North Washington Street) and Commercial Wharf to Mercantile Street, comprise the last portion of the work for the Staniford to Mercantile length of the project.

“Milling and paving of these two final sites will be in mid-October and all work is scheduled to be complete before the winter season,” Lanza noted.

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