NEWRA Votes on Bylaw Amendments

By Phil Orlandella

At its September, North End/Waterfront Residents’ Association (NEWRA) monthly meeting, the non-profit neighborhood organization voted to amend five bylaws that where discussed at the recent membership meetings.

The following amendments included:

  • Correction throughout the document of Sergeant “of” Arms to Sergeant “at” Arms.
  • Correction to any mention of notices being “mailed” to members, to “emailed” or “provided electronically”.
  • Update officer term limit language to remove term limits for officers other than the President. Proposed changes to the sentence governing term limits are shown here in black line: No President may serve for more than two years consecutively in that office.
  • Change annual dues from $10 to $20.
  • Added page numbers to the document.

Executive Committee candidates email your request to [email protected] or contact a current member of the committee.

A North End Nursing Home update was presented by Marquis Health Services LLC expects to take over the facility as of October 1.

            They gave a presentation introducing themselves to the community and explained their plans for the operation of the nursing home and the upgrading of the physical structure.

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