Ensemble Lifestyle Boutique Moves to Baldwin Place

By Phil Orlandella

After doing business in the North End at 62 Salem Street, Ensemble Lifestyle Boutique has relocated to Baldwin Place.

Ensemble decided to make the move to obtain a much larger space to feature a bigger showcase for the popular neighborhood business.

“It’s an incredible location with a friendly neighborhood feel,” said owner and curator Wendy Lepore.

Lepore owns and operates other boutiques at various locations including New Hampshire.

“The reaction from customers so far has been fantastic,” Lepore said. “The support of the neighborhood is second to none.”

The spacious new location carefully curated by Lepore, who has a background in interior design, gives Ensemble the opportunity to expand existing product lines and offer new product lines such as furniture specifically curated to fit into the small North End apartments with narrow doors.

The boutique continues to offer and expand all the brands customers have seen or purchased at the Salem Street location.

“You can order a brand-new sofa, bench made in South Carolina or pick up a vintage chair or repurposed table,” Lepore noted.

Ensemble Boutiques prides itself on being able to satisfy the taste of its clients, from finding the perfect gifts, to styling clients of all ages, with this clothing, fashion accessory and shoe brands.

            Ensemble is working on a calendar of events for this fall, with a focus on Interior, Fashion styling, and Vintage Fines. These events will be posted on Instagram “Ensembleboutiques” and on the company’s website Ensembleboutique.com.

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