Boston Barber Company Welcomes New College Students

By Phil Orlandella

Spagnolo sisters with Welcome Wagon.

Spagnolo sisters with Welcome Wagon.

“Move in college weekend in the North End is always a challenge,” City of Boston Neighborhood Services Liaison, Maria Lanza said, “It’s also a time to welcome many residents to the tightknit communities they call home.”

During the move-in, that kind of friendliness was on display with Robert Dello Russo, owner of Boston Barber Company, located on Salem Street, along with two of his helpers, the Spagnolo sisters, rolling around the neighborhood giving out cold drinks to the new residents.

            “Complete with a decked out, “Welcome Wagon” the girls greeted the new neighbors and they should be applauded for their efforts,” Lanza said. “They along with Dello Russo showed what this neighborhood is truly about,” she added.

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