City Hall Unveils $2.1M Lobby Renovations

Completion of renovations of Boston City Hall’s third floor lobby has been revealed by Mayor Martin Walsh.

The lobby, the main entrance to City Hall, underwent extensive renovations to make City Hall services more assessable, efficient and welcoming to those who use the historic building.

     “We’re dedicated to making Boston City Hall a positive, welcoming experience for all residents,” the Mayor said. “This renovation is another leap forward.”

The operational and architectural enhancements reportedly make the building easier to navigate and with improved services

The $2.1 million dollar renovations started in January 2017.

Updates to the lobby include:

Welcome desk: A new welcome desk located in the center of the lobby. The welcome desk will be staffed with BOS: 311 greeters and provide information on City department locations. A larger monitor will display the current events calendar and stream City data with information on assorted topics. New lobby signage includes locations of City departments and a touchscreen with a multilingual self-service information kiosk.

New self-service kiosks: The self-service touchscreen kiosk will provide users information on the most asked-for services inside and outside of City Hall. Additionally, the kiosk can provide information in six languages: English, Spanish, Chinese, Creole/Cape Verdean, Portuguese and Vietnamese. The data coordinates with the City of Boston website for seamless interactions. The new system is easy to update and keep current to meet the public’s needs.

Sustainable and cost-effective lighting: The lobby lights have been replaced with sustainable LED fixtures that will enliven the space and allow flexible lighting configurations. The fixtures will provide appropriate light levels for the lobby and are aimed to illuminate the light wells, structural beams and multi-level platforms and features of City Hall’s lobby. The interior lights will have the ability to change color and intensity to provide program flexibility and will coordinate with the exterior lighting design. Additionally, the lobby’s new energy-efficient LED lights have an estimated 20 year life span that will significantly decrease the City’s annual operating costs.

Improved security: The new security equipment and layout will significantly reduce security lines and wait time for visitors and staff. Security equipment re-positioning allows for a better flow through the lobby.

New art installations: With this renovation, Mayor Walsh unveiled four new murals within Boston City Hall. A mural that serves as a backdrop for City Hall weddings faces the City Clerk’s office on the sixth floor. Two murals depicting Boston’s circles, squares, and corners were installed on the seventh and eighth floors. The fourth installation is located on the ninth floor outside of the Boston Planning and Development Agency. Additionally, a Flag of Valor has been added to the 3rd floor lobby.

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