30 Feedback Speed Signs to be Installed

A data challenge, to help determine the locations of 30 new speed feedback signs, that will be installed on local streets where traffic safety issues are a concern, has been announced by the Boston Transportation Department ().

The challenge is part of Boston’s commitment to ensure streets are safe, according to Mayor Martin Walsh and BTD.

Signs work to improve safety by encouraging drivers to bring their speed into compliance with the legal limit, BTD noted.

The Mayor said, “This data challenge is another example of the innovative steps we are taking to inspire creativity and participation in a decision-making process that will have a real impact on the users of our streets.”

The city, through initiatives such as Imagine Boston and Go Boston 2030, Boston has made every effort to encourage residents and others to get involved, firsthand, in planning processes, ensuring everyone’s vision is considered.

Over the past year, the city successfully reduced the speed limit on streets from 30 mph to 25 mph and is currently building on that change in legislation with the integration of speed back technology.

The new solar powered and digital speed feedback signs will display both the speed limit at the location and the speed of an approaching vehicle, and will flash if the vehicle is surpassing the speed limit.

            Installation of the new signs is expected to begin this fall.

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