Tyler Orlandella Named All-Star and Runner of the Year

Beverly High School student, Tyler Orlandella, granddaughter of former North End residents Mary (McGonagle) and Phil Orlandella, has been named Girls Track All-Star and Runner of the Year.

Tyler won the 2006 State all around gymnastic championship and many gymnastic awards and honors before changing over to track and field and other related events.

“Throughout her career, Tyler’s parents, Brian and Erinn, were always there for her. Her brother Rocco is her number 1 fan,” Mary said.

“Every time Tyler competes she surprises us with another medal or award,” her grandmother said. “She is and has always been dedicated and talented in everything she does. We are so proud of her.”

Versatility is one of Tyler’s biggest strengths. When the important meats took place at the end of the season Orlandella was at her best against the toughest competition.

Tyler praised her coaches Chandler Jones and David Jellison for her success over the years. “I’ve been really lucky with the coaches I’ve had throughout my athletic career” she said.

Orlandella won the Division 2 pentathlon championships with a total of 2935 points to break the Beverly High School record. She went on to finish seventh at the All States pentathlon on the same day as her prom.

“My parents and best friend gave me so much support,” Tyler said. “I have a lot of people to be grateful for.”

            “Our daughter has always been a strong and dedicated athlete,” her parents said. “She’s a competitor in every sport she enters and we are very proud of her and her accomplishments.”

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