Boston Harbor Ferry Study Now Underway

By Phil Orlandella

Traffic congestion in the City and up and down the North and South Shores has created a high rate of volume over the past several years.

During most of the day it’s virtually impossible not to get stuck in traffic that causes major delays.

Residents are increasingly calling for some sort of relief, like a ferry service, if possible.

Boston Harbor Now (BHN) is apparently attempting to help with this major problem that affects thousands of drivers basically every day.

BHN has launched a comprehensive study for a ferry service in Boston Harbor. Steer Davies Gleave in partnership with KPFF will lead a comprehensive study of scheduled passenger ferry service currently available, following a competitive Requests For Proposal (RFP) process.

Reportedly, a nine-month study and planning process will identify sites with the highest potential to support new or expanded ferry service within the Inner Harbor, along the North and South Shores and to the Harbor Islands through business plans.

Apparently, there is a desire by many waterfront communities to have ferry service for commuting and tourism according to BHN.

“This study will also allow us to work with our community partners to identify routes and develop business plans for the service, with the highest potential for ridership and financial success,” said Secretary of Transportation Stephanie Pollack in a press release.

“This study will provide the data needed to determine where to encourage strategic expansion of routes and investment in infrastructure,” Kathy Abbott, President and CEO of Boston Harbor Now stated in a press release.

Ferry dock sites and potential routes by modeling potential demand, operating cost and capital cost will be analyzed during the course of the study.

            Boston Harbor Now expects study to be completed by March 2018.

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