R.U.F.F. News and Notes

Excited for good weather, new doggie friends and park time. Great turn out for the neighborhood clean up. Thanks to all who participated!! We want to encourage that moving forward into the Spring. If you see a new doggie face, please share the RUFF group information: [email protected], on Instagram (ruffnorthend) and Facebook (RUFF North End Dog Group).

North End Dog Park Updates:

Next Park Phase:  This will be a big month for RUFF in regards to the park. Our public bid for a contractor is out and we should know mid month who we get for the job and the timing. We will update as soon as we have more information.

 Auto Locks: Please note that the park hours are 6:30am-9pm. The gates will be locked outside of those times.  We may encounter some issues and ask for your understanding. If you encounter any issues in the park, please email: [email protected]

Water: We have been notified the water is on. Please remember to fill the larger gallon jugs in the park for all to share.

**Park reminder – we have been receiving some concerns about aggressive dogs in the dog park. Please note that not all dogs are dog park dogs. Some do not play well with others of certain breeds/sizes etc. If your dog is aggressive towards other dogs it is your responsibility to manage the behavior and read the warning signs. Trainers are available, if you need a recommendation please reach out to RUFF. Please note that RUFF and the City of Boston/Animal Control will ban your dog from the dog park if this is a habitual issue. This is for the saftey of all involved.

May Dates:

May 16th – 7pm – RUFF meeting, Nazzaro Center – Park construction planning is our main focus leading into Spring. Please stop by if you have questions or concerns. The Board is always available for questions and/or concerns during this time. Encouraging all members and non that would like to get more involved to please join us.

May 24th – RUFF Night @ Crudo –  RUFF is teaming up with Crudo for a fun night of treats, fundraising and mingling. Please look out for your invitation and how to purchase tickets. These events are how we afford to build a dog park, upkeep both Richmond and the Prince Street parks and supply doggie bags around the North End. If you use any of those please join us and support us.

**RUFF Reminders**

Baseball Fields- please remember the baseball fields are for children and not dogs. Our dog park is located just up the hill from the fields. Stay responsible – if you see a dog off leash in the ball fields please politely remind them to use the dog park.

Dog Licenses – Is your dog officially licensed with the City of Boston? If not he/she needs to be. If you missed the registration at the Nazzaro last month you can easily register online here: https://www.boston.gov/departments/animal-care-and-control/how-license-your-dog – Please note: your dog MUST be licensed in order to use the Prince Street dog park and the Richmond street dog run. It is a law and looks out for the saftey of all.

Allergy season isn’t just for humans, check out some signs that your dog may have allergies – http://www.drsfostersmith.com/pic/article.cfm?articleid=75

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