One Boston Day Encourages Goodwill

“One Boston Day”, the city’s way of honoring Boston’s resilience, generosity and strength on April 15, 2013, serves as an opportunity to recognize the good of the community and reflects the spirit of the people that were exemplified in response to the loss in tragedies of the bombing at the Boston marathon.

Two websites, where individuals and organizations can share their plans for One Boston Day have been set up to post them on social media using the hashtag #One Boston and #Be Boston.

Boston Mayor Martin J. Walsh encourages the public to share how they plan on spreading the goodwill on April 5 and show support on social media by using the Boston Day logos.

“The Boston Marathon is a key part of our city’s identity and continues to show the world that Boston is strong and our traditions will endure no matter what,” the Mayor said.

“The spirit of the day on April 15 shows the best of Boston: how Bostonians from all backgrounds come together to line the streets, celebrate one another and do good for their community,” the Mayor said.

Random acts of kindness, goodwill and activities across the city will hopefully encourage individuals to give back to their community based on a 2015 survey on the desire expressed by many survivors of the 2013 tragedy.

Reportedly, last April, #OneBostonDay was the leading trend nationally on social media and there were over 77,000 posts across social channels from individuals and organizations making this day of service and goodwill.

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