By Phil Orlandella

Rising water levels threat to city’s Municipal Harbor Plan

A recent environmental report given to the City of Boston clearly indicates waterfront high tides will consistently rise creating some serious damage to the North End/Waterfront neighborhood.

One city employee told a community organization that eventually water could extend out as far as Faneuil Hall with many neighborhood streets and The Greenway affected. Structures built on the waterfront will experience the same problem.

While the city is working with numerous environment agencies to develop a possible preventive solution, possibly a seawall, they are still planning to develop on the waterfront despite the projected dangers.

Why would the city and developers invest millions or billions of dollars to build on property that could be underwater in the near future?

It makes absolutely no sense especially if there is no solution to what may eventually become a disaster situation.

You can’t fool mother nature!

Former District A1 Commanding Officer Superintendent O’Rourke retires

Boston Police Superintendent Bernard “Bernie” O’Rourke has retired following a lengthily career with the department, that expanded 29 years.

Many of those years, O’Rourke spent as the Commanding Officer of District A1 which covers the North End and Waterfront neighborhood where he conducted the community’s monthly public safety meetings, which were highly successful.

Residents considered O’Rourke a man to go to, to get things accomplished in the community resulting in the North End having the lowest crime rate in the city.

He was well respected for his clear understanding of how to work with the neighborhood to make the North End/Waterfront a safe place to live and work.

O’Rourke was completely trusted as a man of his word, ability and knowledge of preventing crime in the community, basically before it had a chance to develop.

He was truly a committed man, serving above and beyond the call of duty as a member of the Boston Police Department.

Convicted pot criminals should stay behind bars

Both Governor Charlie Baker and House Speaker Robert A. DeLeo, while other elected officials have been silent or made excuses, have publicly noted they will oppose a bill that would free people serving time for marijuana convictions now that pot is legal, suggesting the push is probably dead in the water.

DeLeo clearly stated he’s not interested in retroactive law.

These are criminals convicted on marijuana possession and sales (lesser pot offenses) who will be let out on the streets and will have their records wiped clean.

In part, the new legislation making pot legal is prompting the new release of criminal bill. The governor and state representatives should blow this potential bill up in smoke.

Making pot legal to use and grow is one thing but letting criminals out based on a ridiculous bill is another thing.

“If you can’t do the time… Don’t do the crime.”

Don’t elected officials have better things to do?

North End Grill holds benefit event

North End Grill held a holiday benefit for ABCD’s North End/West End Neighborhood Service Center, raising over $3,000 in gift certificates, boxes of food and financial donations for the Center’s membership.

The eatery (Robin Sidell owner) gets fully involved each year to help a worthy neighborhood organization.

            This was a great gesture by the local business.

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