BWSC North End Project Public Relations Handled Well

Boston Water and Sewer Commission (BWSC) has made its way to the North End, presenting Phase II plans to improve its water mains and replacement and rehabilitation of sewer and drainage pipes on 12 community streets.

BWSC explained the anticipated impacts that include water service interruptions, noise, traffic, dust and general construction impacts.

The commission has committed to a proactive community relations program during construction and will have an on-site person to deal with any problems or concerns that might arise.

BWSC will work closely with affected abutters regarding issues such as pedestrian and vehicular traffic, access for residents and businesses and access for deliveries and trash removal.

The Commission had no problem with Phase I and Phase II seems to be under control.

During both Phases, BWSC did an admirable job of advising the neighborhood in general of the construction aspects of the project that has to be done to correct many problems in the underground system.

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