Illegal Gun Control Real Action Needed

Stop gun violence is on the lips of every elected official every time they open their mouths and it sounds the same each and every time.

It has become nothing short of just words people want to hear and it’s a positive get elected message.

Every single day, the media reports another or several gun related shootings and deaths, yet there is nothing on the books that can really stop it.

Education, being a good citizen or family intervention has failed terribly.

Like catching drug dealers, law enforcement must start really cracking down on the illegal guns on the streets and the legal system must follow through with incarcerating those caught with illegal firearms.

A slap on the wrist or probation simply does not take the offenders off the streets where other guns will find their way into the hands of criminals, again and again.

The words are not accomplishing anything. It’s time for some real action… arrest, convict and incarceration.

If not, the revolving door system that exists will continue to go around and round.

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